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If you are looking for an Austin divorce lawyer that you can trust, then you may need Menduni Martindill to help you. With the right representation, you can fight for your preferences in a divorce or a family situation and ensure that you will have the best chance to receive the settlement that you would want in a divorce. At Menduni Martindill, the lawyers are on your side and want to be there beside you to strive for the best. These lawyers are compassionate and caring, and they understand the divorce is a highly emotion and difficult process. Instead of making this difficult by being hard to get ahold of and charging exorbitant rates for questionable service, the lawyers at Menduni Martindill want to effective, dedicated and personable with you.

These attorneys are able to handle virtually any child support argument, any cohabitation issues, alimony disputes, or child custody battles. At this firm, the lawyers understand that family is probably the most important thing in your life. Losing custody of your children to a spouse or being unable to get the visitation time you want can be life shattering. Without your children there beside you, or without the freedom that you crave from an oppressive spouse, your life may be in shambles. The lawyers at Menduni Martindill want to help make things right for you. The firm also handles father’s rights cases. This is because they understand that mothers are often favored in any paternity disputes, and know that a father may have a deep attachment to a child and want to advocate for time with that loved one. The firm is willing to come alongside these saddened dads and show the courts that they deserve visitation time, custody, or other privileges regarding their biological or adopted child.

In addition to this, Menduni Martindill is able to handle disputes regarding property division in a divorce. For those spouses who don’t have children, this can often be the most complicated aspect of the divorce. This is because it is often hard for men and women to decide who will get what when much of the property in the home is marital property and therefore has always been shared. When couples merge their bank accounts and have purchased many of their goods out of that shared account, it can make things even more difficult. When you are dealing with property division, you want a lawyer who is highly qualified to handle your case.

This is because equitable distribution is often complicated because one spouse may want an item that has to be divided. When you are dealing with items that you worked very hard to purchase and don’t want to lose, you want a Board Certified® lawyer like those at our firm. The legal team at Menduni Martindill has this special qualification, as granted by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Unlike the state bar, becoming board certified is not a requirement for attorneys in Texas. Because of this, many of them fail to ever make an effort to become Board Certified® because it involves extra training and time. Yet at Menduni Martindill the lawyers have made this effort so that clients can rest assured that they are working with some of the best.

In addition to a Board Certification from the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, this firm has been recognized by the Better Business Bureau®. You can check out their BBB profile here. In addition to dealing with a variety of divorce matters, the attorneys at Menduni Martindill can be there for you after the divorce is finalized. Unfortunately, just because your marriage is dissolved doesn’t mean that your problems will stop arriving. In fact, following divorce men and women often have a lot of difficulties with their ex-spouse. If you are locked into a child custody agreement and choose to relocate then you will want a lawyer to accompany you to court. As well, if you decide that you need help gaining a protective order against your ex-spouse, a lawyer at this firm can help.

The firm can also come alongside you if you decide that you need a modification after your divorce settlement. Even before your divorce trial starts you might need the help of a dedicated attorney. For example, if the courts suggest you meet with a mediator then Menduni Martindill can fulfill that role. The firm is also experienced in taking on annulment cases. In addition to the qualifications listed before, Menduni Martindill attorneys have been named among the exclusive list of Super Lawyers® in the United States. This is a significant accomplishment that is only given to some of the top lawyers in the nation. If you want to learn more about the attorneys at Menduni Martindill, you can read about them by checking out the Yelp, Merchant Circle, Localeze, Lawyer Central, Kudzu, Insider Pages and HG profiles. You can also read more about the firm on Best of the Web, Bing Local, Linked In, and Yellow Pages.

If you are a fan of social media, you can get to know Menduni Martindill that way. The firm has a Facebook page which they update with important family law news and announcements regarding the firm. They also have a Twitter account which they use to post news stories and important pieces of information that you may want to know about when it comes to divorce, custody battles and more. The firm is also listed on Google+ if you want to explore their profile or add them to your circles.

If you are interested in hiring the firm to handle your divorce or family law case, then don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and dial (888) 510-3779 or (512) 686-0332 for more information. You can also learn more about the firm by using the e-mail sidebar on the website and sending Menduni Martindill a quick message. The firm’s address is 1717 West Sixth Street Suite 259 Austin, TX 78703 if you want to stop by the office and make an appoint. If you hire an Austin divorce attorney from this firm to work on your case, you can rest assured that you will get capable and professional legal representation. You can be confident that you will get the assistance you need to get the solid divorce you want or the intervention you need in a family law issue.

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