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Should I Keep the House After Divorce?

Property division is a hot-button issue during any separation. If you're going through a divorce, you probably have a lot of questions about asset and debt division. One of the most common questions asked during divorce is "Who will get to keep the house?" The court will determine who retains which assets, but consider the following question before you decide to fight for the marital home: Do you want to keep it?

In the middle of a divorce, you might be tempted to fight for as many belongings and assets as possible. The more, the better – right? In reality, some large assets can be more trouble than they are worth. Most households in the United States rely on two incomes. After a divorce, it may be difficult to maintain the home using one income. If the cost of living in the home will remain the same while your income decreases, keeping the marital home may be unwise.

Finally, consider the real estate market before you decide to fight for the marital home. The value of your home is flexible. In other words, the home could be worth half of its current value within a year. Liquidating large assets is more secure way to create financial stability for your new, single life. Consider selling the home or agreeing to keep other assets instead.

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