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Is Divorce Easier if You Don't Have Children?

Divorce is never easy, but the absence of children can make the divorce process less involved. During a divorce, you and your spouse will probably have to deal with the following issues: asset division, spousal support, and debt division. If you have children, you and your soon-to-be ex will have to deal with other divorce-related issues as well, including child custody, child support, fathers' rights, grandparents' rights, future modifications, and parental relocation.

On the one hand, couples with children have more issues to deal with during a divorce. On the other hand, issues like property division and spousal support can take a considerable amount of time to resolve – even if children aren't involved. Spousal support, which is much like child support, is a hot-button divorce matter that can easily result in high conflict levels during the divorce.

In the end, childless couples can have easier separations, but the absence of children does not guarantee a faster split. For instance, a divorcing couple could spend the same amount of time reaching property division agreement as they would take to resolve disagreements related to child custody or child support. Similarly, spousal support agreements can have long-lasting consequences. Because of this, divorcing couples may spend a great deal of time reaching a reasonable alimony agreement.

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