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Understanding Family Law Matters

Regarding matters of the family, family law is an extensive branch that pertains to many of the most personal areas of a person's life. An Austin family lawyer from Menduni Martindill, PLLC can assist you with any type of family law problem you might encounter, no matter how complex. Legal disputes between family members have the potential for becoming emotionally charged, due in large part to the intimacy of the relationships. Having an advocate on your side can help to diffuse the situation and shield you from unnecessary conflicts. These cases can affect the following parts of your life, along with other important areas:

  • Home
  • Children
  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Real estate
  • Where you live
  • Cars
  • Safety

What can Menduni Martindill do for you?

Even when you and the other party are capable of constructive and respectful communication, there is the potential for legal mistakes resulting from a lack of familiarity with the Texas Family Code. A family lawyer from our firm can clarify any legal issues and help you anticipate problems that might come up in the future. Family law is not limited to divorce. Many unmarried couples will seek the advice and guidance of a family lawyer to resolve complex cohabitation issues. These issues as well can involve the important decision of how to divide the two lives that had been closely connected. There will be many related factors including finances, and in many cases children. While it may take time, these can connections can be separated, allowing those involved to carry on with their lives.

We can assist you if you have suffered domestic violence at the hands of your spouse or another family member and want to receive the protection of a legal protective order. The court will only grant such an order when there is evidence that the plaintiff is in danger, and an attorney can help you argue the case. If your former spouse is acting in violation of the divorce decree through non-payment of alimony or child support, your lawyer can help you resolve such contempt issues swiftly and effectively so that you receive the money you depend on. Whether you are seeking a divorce or want to attempt a resolution through mediation, your first step is to come to our office for a confidential consultation to learn more.

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