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"My Friends are Getting a Divorce; Should I Choose Sides?"

What happens when two of your friends file for a divorce? Divorce is difficult, even if you aren't directly involved. Dealing with a friend's divorce is even more challenging when you are close to both spouses. Here are a few ways to stay friends with both sides of the split:

Do not choose sides. If you are caught in the middle of divorcing friends, tell both spouses that you will not choose sides. You can be a good friend and confidant to both parties without taking sides. Don't pretend that you aren't speaking to the other spouse. Instead, tell both of your friends that you want to remain neutral. This way, neither party can be upset when you maintain contact with the other.

Always be ready to listen. Listening is a simple, unbiased way to support your friends during a tough split. Divorce might be one of the most difficult challenges your friends ever confront. Be available to listen. Listening is impartial. If you are tempted to discuss the divorce, remember that offering your opinion can be perceived as "taking sides."

Balance your time. Avoid spending more time with one spouse than the other. If you find yourself spending more time with one friend than the other, rearrange your schedule to accommodate both people. You can maintain an impartial view of the divorce by dividing your time between each spouse. Otherwise, you risk favoring one friend because you give him/her more attention.

Don't be opinionated. Everyone has an opinion, but this doesn't mean you have to talk about the divorce in terms of "right" and "wrong." Each party of the divorce will assume that he/she is right. If you want to stay friends with both spouses, avoid statements that reveal your opinion about either party. You can support both friends without disowning the other.

If necessary, remove yourself. Sometimes, it is impossible to remain completely impartial during a complicated divorce. If your friends insist on dragging you into the conflict, keep your distance until the dispute settles down. Let both spouses know that you love them and value their friendship, but that you don't want to become too involved in their personal problems. You can continue the friendship after they settle the divorce.

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