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Child Support

How is child support determined?

There are several ways in which child support agreements can be reached. The parents can informally (out of court) negotiate the agreements between themselves or when there are disputes, a formal alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process may help. If all are in agreement and there are no disputes, the parents can work out the details and then submit them to the court for final approval. It is strongly urged that when this method is done that each party seeks the counsel of a legal professional who will review the agreements before they are submitted to the court and ensure that the parent's legal rights are intact and that there is little possibility for future problems.

When the parents are having difficulty agreeing on one or more points of child support, ADR can be very helpful. It is less formal than a court setting and thus will bring a more rapid resolution. When the disagreements are severe and attorneys are unable to bring agreement between the parties, the case will have to be brought before the court and judgment will be made and ordered.

The experience and knowledge of an attorney can be invaluable no matter how the child support agreement is reached. In any legal matter, compelling arguments can be made for having your own lawyer whose sole purpose is to achieve the best possible outcome for your interests.

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Modifications of child support can be requested when circumstances of life change. These changes are sometimes unavoidable but the original child support order, when properly and thoroughly executed can include reference to future changes that can help any necessary modifications in the future. Confident and trusted legal representation, when child support is being negotiated, will help protect your rights and your future. If you are working out child support issues, contact our firm today.

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