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Do I Need a Family Law Attorney?

Asking whether or not you need an attorney in your case is important. It is good to weigh the options and do your research. Every case is different and the particulars of the situation will need to be examined to see if your case requires a legal professional. Some people are able to successfully carry out their cases on their own, though this is typically in less serious issues. For more serious cases it is highly recommended that you work with an experienced professional to avoid taking chances with such critical issues. If you have a matter of family law that you are wondering if you need professional representation in, one of the first things you can do is to fill out a case evaluation form on our site. This offers you the insight of professional without the cost. Next it is important to ask further questions that can help you more accurately determine if you should hire additional help:

  • Do you have the time to devote?
  • What is your knowledge of the law regarding your case?
  • How important is the outcome?
  • Have you dealt with a legal matter before?
  • How serious is your case?
  • Do you believe a lawyer could significantly benefit you?
  • What are your reasons for not wanting to work with a lawyer?

Is the cost worth it?

For many people the main issue is the cost. There will be different answers to this question depending on the case. Working with an attorney is not an across the board decision that everyone should make, though it is often likely that working with an individual that has years of experience can benefit most situations. Whether or not the cost is worth it can differ from individual to individual and through the different types of cases. If you are dealing with an issue such as child custody where your run the risk of losing your children, the cost can often be more than worth it. In issues of mediation the matter can become more subjective. Some couples may be able to hammer out the final terms of their divorce alone, while others greatly benefit from having a mediator ensuring the correct approach. The following are some situations during which it can be important to have an attorney in:

  • Children are involved
  • The divorce is contested
  • There is the fear of violence
  • Domestic violence has occurred
  • Assets are substantial
  • You want the process to move quickly

Representation Tailored to You

Many individuals are limited in their understanding of how an attorney can help. They may think they need to have them there for every step of the process or not there at all. Each case is unique and a professional's services can also be adapted in some ways to meet the current needs. Some couples going through a divorce may be able to come to an agreement on most areas and may only require mediation or limited legal assistance in an uncontested divorce. Other individuals may be combating with their spouse and require serious intervention to make sure their rights and future are protected. In these cases, an attorney can be there each step of the way or as much as desired. They can meticulously review the case to make sure their client is protected and can even go to trial if it is needed. In a contested divorce when child custody, alimony, property division and child support are at risk, you may regret not having more qualified attention given in your case if you receive an unsuccessful outcome.

Some couples may need their own separate attorneys to look out for them, and other times a couple can use the one between them both. Those that may be able to share an attorney can include a couple that is able to agree on the main issues and believe they can figure out the other issues as well, or those looking for someone to simply do the paperwork. Not every case has to be a long battle in court, but unfortunately many are since tensions can run high in these situations when both sides are fighting for what they believe they deserve.

When you are deciding whether or not to work with a professional make sure you work through the decision until you reach a conclusion you are satisfied with. This can include speaking with friends and family members, questioning other individuals that have dealt with similar situations including those that worked with an attorney and those that chose not to and thoroughly assessing your own desires for the final outcome and if you believe you can gain it on your own.

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