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Tips for Starting a Successful Blended Family

Only a few decades ago, the concept of a "blended family" seemed abnormal – if not impossible. Today, more than half of American families are either re-coupled or re-married. In other words: blended families are the norm. This doesn't mean that stepfamilies have it easy, though. In fact, divorce remarriage can be extremely trying, especially if one or both spouses have children. Here are a few ways that soon-to-be stepfamilies can ease the transition from "divorced with kids" blended family.

If you and your future spouse are looking to combined families, consider to your financial and living arrangements carefully. Your opinion, you spouse's opinion, and your children's wishes should be taken into consideration. While it may be difficult to please everyone, making an effort to include each member of the new family in the decision-making process can create a sense of oneness. Additionally, you and your fiancé should determine whether or not you will keep your finances separate or combined.

According to the American Psychological Association, blended families that combine their finances are usually more successful than those who keep their bank accounts and incomes separate. The same principal applies for housing arrangements. It is important for new families to establish a new home. Typically, this is easier if neither spouse retains his/her old house. Instead, the family should look for an entirely new residence.

Finally, blended families should discuss concerns with each other before the second marriage takes place. If you have questions about your future spouse's past marriage, ask him/her for answers before you remarry. This might include questions about child custody and visitation that involve you fiancé's former spouse. To learn more about child custody, divorce, visitation, spousal support and other family law issues in Texas, contact the legal team at Menduni Martindill, PLLC today.

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